2021: Gaining The Edge

As the world adapted to a new reality, this theme delved into the extraordinary opportunities that arise from embracing change and harnessing innovation. Through thought-provoking talks and dynamic performances, we explored how individuals and communities can elevate themselves by gaining a competitive advantage in diverse fields. “Gaining the Edge” became a powerful platform for sharing groundbreaking ideas, transformative strategies, and inspiring stories of resilience.With a renewed sense of purpose and determination, our event aimed to equip our audience with the tools and insights necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Join us in redefining what’s possible and discover the ingenuity and brilliance that allows us to gain the edge in the face of uncertainty.

Experience the magic of TEDxUniversityofJohannesburg’s unforgettable 2022 event, “Gaining The Edge,” through our carefully curated selection of captivating videos.

Zolani Mahola | Musician

Ryan Stramrood

Thobile Chittenden

Anthony Brown

Dali Thembo

Habib Noorbhai

Talita Greyling

Sizwe Ndlovu

Bolele Polisa

Zolani Shangase | Musician