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Dali ​Tembo is​ CEO & Co-founder of The Culture Foundry Company – a Global Consumer Insight & Collaboration Agency. He is recognised as one of the ​leading ​strategists ​canvassing ​current and future trends affecting Africa’s ​youth. Having ​completed his ​undergrad ​in ​Organisational ​Psychology, ​Business ​Management ​and ​Public ​Management, ​Dali went ​on ​to ​study ​a Post ​Grad ​Honours ​in ​Marketing ​and ​an ​MBA ​specialising ​in ​Emerging ​Markets ​from ​the ​University ​of ​Liverpool. ​In ​his young ​career, ​Dali ​has ​delivered ​strategic ​guidance ​to ​numerous ​multi-national ​corporations ​across ​Africa, the UK, the US ​and ​MEA. Dali has also partnered with the UCT Institute of Strategic Marketing to deliver two of the largest research studies ever presented on Youth and High Income Earners in South Africa. Dali has also run ​his ​own ​Youth ​Trends ​Columns, contributed ​to ​leading ​magazines ​on ​emerging ​trends ​and ​been ​a ​regular ​guest speaker ​at ​notable ​conferences ​and ​universities. Dali is a contributing author to the book ‘The Future is Now’, featuring commentary from leading Futurists, such as: Dion Chang, Nikolas Badminton, Bronwyn Williams and Theo Priestley. Dali was also recently given the prestigious honour of being the closing Keynote Speaker at the biggest Trade and Finance conference in Africa, GTR.

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