Bolele Polisa

SpecialityBroadcaster, Voice Over Artist, Facilitator MC and Entrepreneur
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“We’re finding ourselves facing times that have shifted our entire world and have in one way or another forced us to focus on either revolutionising, innovating and adapting, but one thing that has become completely inevitable is the need to do inward work!  

We’ve somewhat become confined to our environments with little or nothing to do. Home, Work, School and play have seemingly become one and the need to get out and go back to normality grows with each day!  

While we wait for such a time as that, one thing we tend to forget about in all of this is OURSELVES and WE truly are all we need to help us gain the Edge!  

My Name is Bolele Polisa. I’m a Broadcaster, Voice Over Artist, Facilitator MC and Entrepreneur and in the past year I walked away from everything I knew to be acceptable and true and decided to define that for myself Through Self Mastery.  

A never ending Journey but one that will introduce you to your highest self!” 

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