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In the digital era, it is important tobe cognisant of lifestyle management and healthy behaviours. In this talk,the following 5 parameters to enhance one’shealth and productivitywill be demonstrated: stress, sedentary behaviour, sleep, smoking and sugarintake. The talk discussessteps andguidancethat would give people the edge in their health and productivity by collectivelyabstaining from thefollowing: added sugar intake, chronic stress, smoking, sleep decline or deprivation, and prolonged sitting time. A culmination of the above with adequate hygiene practices, work ergonomics, priority management and energy management, would improve our health, immunity and the way we work(in office, remotely or a hybrid of both).This is no one-size-fits-all approach;individual variations also exist along with a few factors (such as genetics, geographical regions and socio-economic disparities). It is estimated that people’s weight would increase, and their risk factors for cardiovascular or non-communicable diseases wouldbe elevated by 2030. With the evolvement of modern-day living, technological advances and the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), now is a better time as ever to enhance our awareness and education surrounding these 5 parametersthat can enhanceour health and productivityin the digital era.

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